Draw Western Theater is on the air! We cover everything from the silent classics to the modern westerns! Motion Pictures and TV shows and everything in-between! Stories about your favorite stars and the lesser- known co-stars! behind the scenes tales you may never have heard! Draw Western theater has it ALL!  If you love the Western genre then pull up a chair to the table and join in on Draw Western Theater!

The way you remember it!


A Few of our Great Shows

Everything from Lassie to the gritty Spaghetti Westerns! We have all of your favorites!

Draw Western Theater

We are proud to be shown on Richmond Kentucky’s very own WBON Channel 9.

The show is brought to you by MANN Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram on the bypass in Richmond Kentucky

“Pull up a seat at Wardell’s Gaming Emporium and set your bet on the Faro Table!

We GO WHERE THE ACTION IS! Wild Western Locations


We are where the action is! From the ice cover regions of the Yukon Gold Rush Territory to the Dry Texas plains where Wardell’s Gaming Emporium is located! This is not your average hosted show! Draw has also shot on location at Hooten Old Town, Guntown Mountain, Kanab Utah and even Monument Valley!


Actors, Actresses and just plain varmints

A few of the Good the Bad and the Ugly that make Draw Western Theater so much fun!

George E as The KIDD.

George E has been performing since he was 4 years old. He has appeared in numerous other programs over the years. His credits include: Puppet Show Theater. Film Noir Theater. Puppet Fun. George E’s Toy Review. He recently completed production on The Art of Killing to be released soon. 


John G. Rice began performing on stage during school. He has long been a fan of the Western Genre. He was instrumental in createing the character of the Gambler with a code of honor that he lives by. He is also a member of the SASS Cowboy Shooting Society. When not competing or filming he is also an avid Vintage car fan. Currently he owns and has restored a 1966 Ford Mustang. 

Robert Scott Johnson as CAPT JACOB HAWKINS of the Texas Rangers

Robert Scott Johnson has been a performer on both stage and screen for many years. he also has an extensive background in radio and voice over work.  He helped develop the character of Ranger Hawkins, basing him on several real-life Rangers. 

Bud Robinson as Yukon Bob AKA Colorado Bob

Bud Robinson has spent years and years performing around the world. He is also very active Paranormal Investigator. Very well versed in the Western Genre he is one of the fastest draws you will ever meet. 

John Davis as Senator Artemis Jackson

When John Davis was approached to play a character on Draw Western Theater he was asked what would be a good character that walks the fine line between good and evil. “A Politician” was his reply! So was born Senator Artemis Jackson. John has appeared in several motion pictures including “Hellephone” and “The GSZ Guide to surviving the Zombie Plague”. 

Tinslee Brock as Little Annie

Tinlee comes from a family of motion picture producers. She has appeared in several shows and recently filmes a role in the feature “The Art of Killing” currently in post production. She also enjoys performing on stage. Her many hobbies even include cheerleading!


About Us We are a full-service Motion Picture Studio. We produce original content for WBON TV and our own Streaming channels.


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